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  • Welcome to website dedicated to tropical hibiscus from rosa sinensis family. You can find here presentation of hibiscus, whose grower (and eventually hybridizer) is me.

    First of all, I'd like to thank my children for help with this project. To Lenka, for ideas and help with photos and texts. To Petr for creating this website. Thank you.

    I've been into growing hibiscus since 2010. In spring of that year I acquired my first „named“ hibiscus cultivars in Buchlovice. Although they were not special cultivars, I've been captured by these plants and became addicted on passion for growing them. In summer of same year I got my hands on my first 10 tropical cultivars thanks to Dáša Karásková. Considering the fact, that I didn't manage to kill any of these tropical plants and I was even able to hybridize first seeds, I made my first order with Mr. Gommer of Netherlands. Thanks to this order I got in touch with Míša Zemánková, which helped me to get cultivars from USA. The US cultivars are very hard to get here in Europe, so thanks a lot Míša! Since then my hibiscus collection is nicely growing as well as number of my own cultivars. Last, but not least I would like to thank all of my hibiscus friends with which I was able to trade grafts of beautiful cultivars.

    Radka Klobásová - RK-Hibiscus.cz

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